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Dress Making

Why Stitching is a bit expensive these days?

One of the primary reasons for the higher cost of clothing alterations is the level of expertise and skill required.

Professional tailors and seamstresses spend years honing their craft, learning various techniques, and acquiring the knowledge to work with different fabrics and styles.

Karachi Cloth has solved the issue in current inflation times for our customers. We offer really competitive and fair price with high quality tailoring and stitching services. Almost 100% clients are satisfied with our dress making services. 

We also sell fabric, cotton, khaddar and other high quality dress at our shop. You can just visit our shop, chose one dress for you of your choice and we will make it in a few day on your perfect size for you. 



Karachi Cloth & Taylor offers premium quality men's Eastern dress stitching services, Unstitched Shalwar Kameez Suits and Kurtas available that you can select and we sew it on your demand and requirements. Karachi cloth is well known tailor and seller of unstitched garments for men in Rawalpindi with over a decade experience.

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Karachi cloth is pleased to offer services. For contact and queries you can consult us.